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Keek Your Body Strong

As stated in earlier topics eating healthy will help you live longer. There are many ways to obtain a balance. One thing worth remembering is that every individual is different. There are few guideline that you can follow to put you in the right direction; they are eat a variety of foods, choose foods low in fat, eat plenty of vegetables, use sugars as little as possible. Also, keep your sodium intake as little as possible; 2300 mg a day is a good rule to stick by. This is the basis of the food pyramid.

While trying to eat healthy, proper intake of vitamins and minerals is just as important. Although minerals do many functions in the body, the major role is to help regulate enzymatic reactions. Some of the minerals that the body needs include: calcium and phosphorus stored in the bones and teeth, sulfur found in extracellular fluids and bones, and manganese stored in liver and spleen. Vitamins are organic nutrients required in small amounts to maintain growth and normal metabolism. The predominant role of vitamins in the body is to serve as coenzymes. Vitamins are divided into two groups; the fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins. Fat-Soluble vitamins include A, D, E, and K, Water-soluble vitamins include B and C. The water-soluble vitamins are dissolved in body fluids and distributed while fat-soluble vitamins are stored in the small intestine. Without the proper vitamins and minerals stored throughout the body any number of complications in body functions can occur.

The healthy meal component teaches participants how to prepare healthy meals which are healthy, satisfying, and fulfillin Over the past decade, home economics has been removed from school curriculums. As a result, children lack the basic knowledge of sewing skills needed to repair and keep their clothing in good condition. This will minimize their spending on expensive clothing. In the HOME ECONOMICS workshop, students will learn sewing techniques which they can contribute towards maintaining the appearance of their clothing.

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