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Gardens & Farms

Powell Garden

410 Livonia Avenue between Powell St and Junius St

Open recreationally and educationally during the season.

Farmer's Market every Saturday 8am-3pm until October 28th. 

Green Valley Farm 

93 New Lots
Corner of New Lots and Sutter
Open year-round

by appointment

Indoor Farmer's Market Saturday's starting November 4th to December 23rd from 8am-1pm

Iso Student Farm

514 Rockaway Avenue 
Corner of Rockaway Ave and Sutter

Open by appointment.

Farmer's Market every Friday 11am-4pm until October 27th. 

Floral Vineyard

2379 Pitkin Ave
Corner of Cleveland and Pitkin Ave 

Open by appointment

Isabahlia Garden

615 Saratoga between Sutter & Blake

Open by appointment

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